Monday, December 3, 2012


To live at all is to live in last days.
Loom is: 
1. The first appearance of an object seen in darkness or fog, esp. at sea.
2. To indistinctly see the presence of something massive, imminent, and threatening.
3. An apparatus for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread
4. a bi-yearly hand-bound arts, poetry, and literary zine.

Loom is: 

A collection of maps (poems, visual art, essays, and fiction) featuring thoughts towards the end of the world, and the end of one's life. The curation of these is intended to help build a better world as this one ends.

Let them be one star in the constellation that only you can name.
Let this constellation guide you towards a world that only you can build.

Loom is: 

Co-curated and published by Noel'le Longhaul and Jess X Chen, who are striving to come to terms with their own perishability and the temporality of the phenomenal world. They are trying to find and enlarge doorways into a better world with each map they make, each word they say/sing, and each moment they live.

Loom is: 

A beginning of all these journeys, as the end is always looming.
Please email your visual art, poetry, literature, essays, music,
(anything you want) to by Dec 31st, 2012.